Make your facility comfortable and conducive for work with ACL LED lights in Colorado Springs, CO. Our products provide practical solutions when you want to replace outdated lighting systems with energy-efficient and high-light-output lighting in a range of wattages. Reach out to Golden Ray Distributors to discuss your needs, and we'll recommend the right lights for you.

ACL-02 Corn LEDs

Our corn LEDs with an IP 64 specification come with a cover, so they are ideal for humid environments. They also feature die-casting aluminum cooling that prevents overheating and burns when you need to replace them. With a friendlier price than other similar bulbs, these lights won't break your budget.


Save money on the top-quality lighting you want by choosing WLC corn LEDs from our inventory. This lighting option offers several benefits that include:

  • High Lumen Efficiency
  • Finned Aluminum Cooling
  • IP 64 (Suits Humid Environments)
  • Shorter Size
  • Comes with Cover
Corn LED